Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Free chips & guac from Chipotle (sign up soon!)

Chipotle has a "contest" going on to get free chips & guac. Hint: everyone wins. Read on ...

This has been well-covered on blogs & Twitter (including at Miles to Memories), but it came out while I was on vacation and there's still a couple days to sign up ... so I figured I'd pass it along.

HERE is the link you need. You'll also need to give them your cell phone number (they text you the voucher), and they say you'll get promotional texts going forward (although you can opt out of those after you get your voucher).

Hint: don't bother trying to "win" the game (just randomly click as fast as it allows). The worse you do, the faster it goes. Should take a minute or so at most.

Note: It might take a few days for you to get the text with the voucher. I think you have to play the game by 4/1 (probably by 3/31 to be safe). And I think the voucher will be good through 4/10.

Feel free to email me the screenshot (from your phone) of your coupon if you don't want it! :)

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