Monday, March 28, 2016

Nice 2-day Groupon Deal - get 32.5% off most deals (up to 3 times)

Groupon "deals" come and go all the time, but read on for how to maximize the current one ...

By now, I'm sure most people have used Groupon to buy deals, so you can SKIP the next paragraph. :)

I won't explain the concept in too much detail. But basically you pre-pay for a deal (restaurants, spa services, etc.) at a reasonably large discount (50% plus or minus is common), and then have a certain amount of time to use the deal. If you ever buy one and don't use it within the stated promotional period, by law the merchant must still accept the voucher for it's "face value." So if you buy a $20 voucher (usually good for 4 to 6 months - but be sure to check the terms of the deal you're buying) for $10 (even less today with the discounts!), you can always use that voucher (I think for up to 5 years??) for $10. If the business goes out-of-business or doesn't honor your voucher for whatever reason, I've found that Groupon is good about giving you a refund (at least in the form of a Groupon credit - if not a credit card refund).

(If, by chance, you've never bought a Groupon, I'd certainly appreciate you using my REFERRAL LINK.)

Today and tomorrow, you can buy most deals (some deals, and all of their "Goods" items, are excluded - but you won't know unless you read some fine print, until you get to checkout) from Groupon for 25% off using the coupon code "BIG25" at checkout (don't forget to input the code at checkout!!). You can use the code 3 times PER Groupon ACCOUNT (maybe you have multiple accounts in your household!). But BEWARE that Groupon recently started limiting you to using one coupon code for ONE item per order/checkout. Said another way, if you want to buy 2 (or 3) of the same Groupon, buy them in multiple orders (so that you can use the coupon each time).

IMPORTANT DETAIL:  To get from 25% off to 32.5% off, visit Groupon using a shopping portal (always look up the best ones at CashBackMonitor). As of today (can change daily), the best 2 shopping portals for buying from Groupon are SimplyBestCoupons and iConsumer (those are my referral links). SBC is offering 10% cashback, whereas iConsumer is offering 9.6%. Either are fine (I've used both a lot), but iConsumer is kind of interesting - because they are supposedly giving "shares" of their company to users (based on how much you use them). Who knows what it will ever be worth, but can't hurt to try (for giving up 0.4% cashback)!

I'll let you search for deals in your own area that might be worth trying (just type in your city at the top of the Groupon page and look through categories - like "restaurants" or "spa services"). But if you happen to be in the Portland area, 2 that I'll be trying are an "old standby" Groupon and one new one that looks interesting. The "old standby" is Charley's subs at Clackamas Town Center. Tough to paying $4 ($6 minus discounts) for $12 worth of some pretty decent mall-food-court Philly sandwiches (apologies to true aficionados). The new one I'll be trying is By Design Pizza, which is in the shopping area near PDX airport.

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