Monday, March 28, 2016

Quick Europe (Venice/Barcelona) Trip Report - via daily Twitter updates

I'll attempt to post more soon, but for now I just thought I'd give a quick summary via a recap of my daily Twitter posts ...

We are currently flying home from a great week+ vacation. The first half was spent in Venice, and the second half in Barcelona. First visits to both for my immediate family. Many thanks to "sister of PDXDealsGuy" for allowing us to celebrate a big round-number birthday with her, her husband, and our parents. As a veteran of both locations, she and my bro-in-law went way above & beyond to plan an amazing vacation for all of us.

If you follow me on Twitter (if not, there's a link to do so on my main page), you may have already seen some or all of these, but just figured I'd put most of them all here in one place. If you care to look at bigger versions of the photos, I recommend clicking on the "Day x" links (will take you to the Twitter page - where you can view larger versions of the photos).

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9:

Day 10:

Day 11:

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