Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DEAD DEAL: Totally FREE night at Vegas hotel (Sunday-Thursday) - or 2 nights for spouses/friends!

DEAD DEAL: If you have reason to be in Vegas this summer (Sun-Thur), then this looks like a great deal. Read on ...

UPDATE: As of 9am (PT) on 3/16, it appears that the website is still available for signing up. Not sure if it actually still works (maybe the deadline has passed), but it's worth a try if you haven't already!

HERE are the details you need to know (from FatWallet).

As you'll see in the terms of the contest/deal (sign-up HERE), everyone is supposedly guaranteed a free night's stay! And there's potential to win an even better prize. But I'm personally signing up just to get the free night. It almost seems too good to be true, but it looks legit to me.

YOU MUST SIGN UP TODAY (by midnight PT).

I signed up for myself and my wife. I suspect we'll have to both make separate reservations and check-in & check-out, but it's possible they'll let us stay in the same room (if we ask at check-in).

As you'll see, the free room is basically good for a Sunday-Thursday night stay, during the summer months (into early September).

I have stayed at the South Point before and it is a very solid hotel. It's a bit south of the main part of the Strip, but not too far. It has a movie theater, I think a bowling alley, and the casino isn't too smokey. The rooms are pretty dang nice (I'd say high-3 or low-4 "star" quality).

Worth a shot!

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