Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FREE 8x10 print from Walgreens (same-day in-store pickup available), good through this Saturday (11/29)

This one is pretty straightforward.  Read on ...

HERE are the details.  It's pretty much just a coupon code that you put in on Walgreens photo website.  You upload a photo and tell the system which store you want to pick it up at.  When you get there, they just hand it to you and don't charge you a dime.  I've done this a number of times on previous deals.

As someone in the comments section (from the link above) points out, you can potentially use this multiple times - if you have multiple email addresses and Walgreens accounts.  Of course, up to you if you to determine if this is proper - but certainly is okay to do for multiple family members, spouses, etc. (NOT limited to one per household).

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