Thursday, November 20, 2014

Have any American Express cards? Know about AMEX OFFERS?!? You should!

I have mentioned AMEX Offers a few times here recently, and it is really something anyone with an American Express (or considering getting an AMEX) should know about.  Read on ...

HERE is a nice little quick/easy read on the topic.

Sometimes AMEX Offers are "targeted" - meaning that not every cardholder (or individual card) has the offer made available to them.  But MOST are NOT targeted, and available on ALL AMEX cards.

For example, some current deals available to all or most cardholders include:

$5 off $10 at (fine print says you can't buy a Starbucks e-gift card, but I have confirmed that you can and get the $5 statement credit immediately - or at least I did!)

$5 off $15 at Walmart

$10 off $50 at Office Depot or Office Max

$25 off $250 at BestBuy

And perhaps the best deal of all, which is AMEX Small Business Saturday on November 29th.  I'll probably write more about it later, but you want to register ALL of your AMEX cards for it ASAP (you register them like any other AMEX Offer).  In a nutshell, you can get $10 off $10 at LOTS of different qualifying "Small Business" merchants that day (up to 3 times on each of your cards - so basically $30 in "free money" on each AMEX card that day).

And MANY more.  If you haven't already, you should really check out the Offers available on your AMEX cards.

One final/quick note.  In that blog posting (linked above), the guy talks about the "multi tab browser trick" for signing up for the same offer on multiple cards.  I have found that it works sometimes and doesn't others.  Just FYI.  I have found that using multiple browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and/or "incognito" versions of those browser windows) increases the chances of success - compared to using multiple tabs in the same browser.  The downside is that you then need to log-in multiple times.

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