Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Up to $450 for opening a Chase checking & savings account

This is for new customers only and requires a few steps, but might be worth it.  Read on if interested ...

Read all about this deal HERE.

Please pay close attention to all of the steps described in the deal.  Most importantly, please be sure that you are comfortable with the minimum requirements and the ways the blogger lists for avoiding fees.

This is for new Chase customers only, so I can't take advantage of this deal.  But if you don't have a Chase banking account already, this might be something to consider.  Chase is one of (if not THE) biggest issuers or rewards credit cards (another source of great deals - which you can read about on previous and future posts on my blog).  So having a banking relationship with them isn't a bad idea (but, of course, your call as to whether it's "worth it" or not to have another banking relationship or replace your current one).

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