Thursday, November 6, 2014

Great deal on a 47" TV (probably won't last long)

PARTIALLY DEAD DEAL:  Here's a great deal on a 47" LG flat-screen TV (still available as of 11/11) ...

(Update:  While I didn't expect this deal to last long, it is still available - just with a "time to ship" delay of 1-2 weeks, instead of 1 day when I ordered.  My TV is supposed to be delivered on Monday. Let me know if you're interested to hear about it.)

(Update #2:  This TV is still available.  And I got mine and like it.  But it appears the $200 Dell gift card part of the deal is now gone.  So it's NOT really a great "deal" anymore.)

I won't spend any time regurgitating a deal that is very well-described HERE.

I don't know a lot about the TV (but I ordered one!), but it appears to have good user reviews on Amazon.  Good news:  it is a reputable brand and has a nice high refresh rate (means you shouldn't see streaking on the screen when things like footballs are moving quickly across the screen).  Bad news:  it is NOT a "smart TV" with "apps" built-in like Netflix (you'll need a separate device of some sort to watch things like Netflix).  Also, it only has 2 HDMI input ports.  So if you have a lot of things (cable box, bluray, Roku box, etc.) to plug into your TV, then you might need to buy an external HDMI switch.

Also, as you'll read in the "deal" link (above), part of what makes the deal REALLY good is using a Discover Card and the "shop Discover" portal.  But, even without that, this is a good deal ... IF you sell (or personally value) the $200 Dell gift card, as the blogger (in link above) describes.  If you don't have a Discover card, I recommend buying through another shopping portal (as described HERE).  If you have a Chase credit card (one that earns Ultimate Rewards points), but don't have a Discover card, I'd recommend using the Chase UR shopping portal to earn 3x points from Dell.  (And if you have no idea what I'm talking about - fell free to ask!)

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