Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Starbucks Deals - BOGO this week and $5 (or more) off $10 (possibly for multiple gift cards)

Here's the low-down on a couple Starbucks deals available right now ...

Two Starbucks deals available right now:

1) Buy-one-get-one-free this week (through 11/16) between 2-5pm (or 6pm for their reward members) as you can read about HERE (and seen in photo HERE).  Unclear to me if this would work on ANY beverage or just their special holiday beverages.  I think ANY, but not certain.

2) This one is more complicated, but potentially a great deal.  You can get $5 (or more) off $10 from buying anything at  It isn't supposed to work on Starbucks gift cards (or e-gift cards), but it did for me and many others (YMMV - your mileage may vary).  Just go to the "Offers" tab on your online AMEX account (see further explanation below) and be sure to "claim" (click on) the current $5 off $10 at Starbucks that should be available on any/all AMEX cards right now.  This deal gets a little bit better if you use any shopping portal (as described HERE) to visit the Starbucks website. Alternatively, you could use any of your registered (for the deal) AMEX cards at a Starbucks and get the $5 off, but you'd need to be spending AT LEAST $10 on a single transaction to get the $5 back (in the form of a statement credit - and warning:  this is a one-time-only deal, per registered card).

If you have ANY American Express credit cards, you should know about AMEX offers (sometimes called "sync offers") as described HERE.  I apologize for the length of that (and this!) post, but there's lots of good info there that I don't want to try to replicate (also applies to my earlier blog post today about the VERY targeted AT&T $150 offer).  IMPORTANT - pay particular attention to item 3A under the FAQ, which tells you how you can get multiple versions of the same offer if you have multiple AMEX cards.  I don't know if it is burried in that FAQ or not, but I will also point out that you can get a second AMEX log-in for secondary cards (if, for example, you have a second/authorized card on your spouse's AMEX account).  And under that second log-in, you can also sign up for these same offers (getting the same deal on both cards on the account - since AMEX cards have different numbers for the secondary cards on accounts).

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