Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chromebook Laptop for under $100 (*update: $108)

Get a manufacturer-refurbished Acer Chromebook laptop here for $99.99, after $20 mail-in-rebate.  (update:  now $107.99, with no rebate - after 10% off coupon good through 6/21/14)

Here is the LINK. Even better, use one of the cash-back websites like or to get another 1-2% off (read about that HERE).  Also, if you have an American Express (AMEX) card of ANY sort, you use ShopRunner to get free two-day shipping (read about that HERE).

I'm not going to write a long review about Chromebooks (or this model specifically), but I will say that our family has one and loves it. I recommend reading the user reviews at Amazon and NewEgg (to make sure you understand what you're getting!). The one we bought is actually has a slightly faster processor (1.5 GHz Celeron, versus 1.1 GHz on this model - doubt it matters too much??), but we paid $150 for a refurbished model a month or so ago via Amazon (looks to be $190 or so for that model now via Amazon). We bought it as a great little cheap, light-weight, travel-friendly "second computer" for when our primary computer is being used and someone else in our house needs to get online. It is a great for anything you can do in a web browser (email, websites, Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online).  While you need to be online via wifi for most of these things to work, the Chromebook can do certain things offline - like watching videos (in the correct video format, stored on the internal memory or expanded memory via a SD card).

For just under $100 (or even $120), it is really a great deal. While I have no idea how long this deal will be available (at NewEgg for this price), there's probably not a big hurry. If not at NewEgg, then this deal will probably be available at a similar price (maybe a bit more?) on Amazon or Ebay in the future.

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