Tuesday, June 24, 2014

EXPIRED: A few random DEALS (6/24) with various expiration dates

Here's a quick little random sampling of deals ... not necessarily sure how long each will be available ... details below the break ...

Remember to shop via shopping portals for anything bought online, as discussed HERE.

Remember to check out previous days deals (see other posts HERE), although I can never guarantee how long any particular deal will be available (or that any particular deal will necessarily work for you! YMMV = your mileage may vary!!).

Here's the deals, in no particular order:

A) A free subscription (varying lengths) to a number of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Golf Digest, Martha Stewart Living, Wine Spectator.  I can't guarantee this will work, but it does NOT require any credit card information - so there's not much risk in giving it a try.  Info here:  LINK

B) Get a BIG discount on event tickets (sports, concerts, shows, etc.) via buying discounted StubHub gift cards on EBay.  I'm not sure how long this deal will last, as it is rare to see StubHub gift cards discounted very much (if at all).  You can buy either 1 or 2 $100 StubHub gift cards (physical cards that get mailed to you and then you can load the $100 value into your StubHub account) for $85/each (so 15% off).  But for the next few days, you can also get extra EBay rewards dollars (cash back in the form of EBay credits for future EBay purchases) - as described HERE.  If I'm doing my math correct, this should add up to getting StubHub credits for more than 25% off.  Info about the $85 for $100 StubHub cards (via Ebay) here:  LINK

C) 90-minute massage (in Milwaukie, OR) for between $42-$50.  You can find Groupon deals for massages pretty frequently, but this one looked like a particularly good deal price-wise, and the company's website looks reasonably professional.  I do NOT have any experience with this place (and I couldn't find any online reviews), but I decided to give it a shot myself!  The face value on the "deal" is $50 for a 90-minute massage (a good price), but when I visited the page it offered me the opportunity to buy it for $42 "for a limited time."  Don't know if you'll get the same deal or not.  If not, you can always visit LivingSocial via FatWallet (see info HERE) and get 10% off in cash-back (effectively making it $45 instead of $50).  Here's the info about the massage (note that if 3 people buy via this link, I'll get mine for free!):  LINK

D) Large framed/wrapped canvas photo prints (up to 24x20 size) for good prices (and FREE shipping).  I just ordered 2 of these 24x20 canvas prints (I bought the non-"deluxe" option - which only means the canvas is wrapped around a frame made out of 1" wood, instead of 1.5" wood for the deluxe option).  They came out very nice, so I'm happy.  See the prices (below) when you use the coupon code LGCANV14 (through July 4th).  Here's the info (prices shown before coupon code):  LINK


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