Monday, June 23, 2014

EXPIRED: A few random DEALS (6/23) with various expiration dates (UPDATED)

Here's a quick little random sampling of deals ... not necessarily sure how long each will be available ... details below the break ...

Remember to shop via shopping portals for anything bought online, as discussed HERE.

Here's the deals, in no particular order:

A) Get 3 CHEAP audiobooks ($1.95/each) via (new subscribers only).  Info here:  LINK.  Just remember to cancel your membership before the end of the third month, if you want to avoid the normal $15/month charge.  Each month you are a subscriber (even under this cheap 3-month trial plan) you get one free audiobook "credit" that can be used toward purchasing any book.  You can "bank up" your credits and use them whenever you want, as long as your remain a subscriber.  And the best thing is that you RETAIN ACCESS to all of your books, even after you cancel your subscription.  So you can sign up for this deal, and effectively get 3 great audiobooks for under $6.  Audible is now owned by Amazon, so you can use your Amazon username & password.  And the Audible app is great for listening to books in your car (or wherever).

B) 20% off single item at Barnes & Noble website (good Monday, 6/23 only).  Info here:  LINK

C) Free iPhone and iPad games.  Info here:  LINK.  If you're like me and my family, you're probably always short on storage space on your devices and don't necessarily want more apps.  But, FYI - in case you didn't know, when you download a FREE (for a limited-time-only) app like these ... you can then immediately delete the app ... but it will still always be free to you (under the same Apple ID) from the app store in the future (because you "bought" it and downloaded it for free in the past).  This is true at least as long as the particular app is available from the App Store.  If you're worried about it disappearing from the App Store, you can back-up your iDevice via iTunes while you have the app installed (before you delete it) and it will save a copy to your hard drive (that can be restored to your iDevice at a later date).

UPDATE:  Here's some more games discounted to 99-cents each (most from $5+).  Info here:  LINK

D) Nice windshield wiper blade replacements for CHEAP (starting at $1.95 - 70% off).  Info here:  LINK.  I bought some of these on a similar deal last year.

E) 25% off single item (non-tech) at Office Depot (online or in-store - good through June 28th).  Info here:  LINK

F) Nearly free large (8x10 & 16x20) photo prints at Shutterfly (just pay shipping - unsure of expiration date).  Info here: LINK1 & LINK2

UPDATE:  The code on the 2nd link (for the two 8x10 photos) doesn't work anymore, but here's another code ("8BY10") that does the same thing IF you are a new Shutterfly customer.

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