Thursday, June 19, 2014

EXPIRED: Get a Voucher for a FREE PIZZA!!! (Today only - noon PT - WILL GO VERY FAST!!!)

Sorry.  As expected, this deal went VERY fast - and is no longer available.

Today at exactly NOON pacific time, you will have a chance (if you ACT FAST) to get a free Domino's medium pan pizza!  Read on if you're interested ...

Follow THIS LINK to find the deal.

A few thoughts/warnings.  Last time this deal was available, the website got SLAMMED and even stopped working for a while.  If possible, you want to sign up for a FREE account ahead of time and be signed-in to the website before noon.  Also, last time it felt like the website wasn't working (didn't want to "take" your entry).  But if you keep trying, it will eventually tell you (if it works like last time - no guarantees!) that you have already claimed the deal (and can't do so again).  Then, a couple hours later, the free pizza code arrived via email.

As we used to always say in college (and it still holds true for many of us today), the best kind of pizza is FREE pizza!!!  (And Domino's has actually gotten quite a bit better in recent years, IMHO.)

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