Monday, July 20, 2015

Amex Checkout - a great new $10 deal (potential multiple use)

Following up on my previous post, here's another great reason to have Amex cards.  Read on ...

Again, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here.  HERE is a great post that runs down the situation on the deal.

Pay close attention to the link (in the post linked above) regarding how to make a quick $9 (per Amex card) via a $1 Ticketmaster donation.  There's no guarantee that the $1 option will last, or that you'll definitely get the $10 statement credit (thus, the $9 profit), but it has been working ... [update: unfortunately it looks like this is NOT working again, as Ticketmaster appears to not be accepting Amex Checkout as a payment option right now ... but it might come back, so you might want to check again later - you will know if "Amex Checkout" shows up as an "other payment option" at checkout]

The NewEgg deal is also a nice one.  Either buy cheap items (like sub-$1 e-codes - and get the $10 statement credits), or buy $10 eGift cards at NewEgg (they sell a bunch of them) for merchants you care about and effectively get them for free (after the $10 statement credits).

Amex is the gift that keeps on giving ...

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