Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kenmore Refrigerator 25.2 cu. ft. side-by-side Stainless Steel for potentially less than $350 (up to 75% off!)

I don't usually highlight major appliances.  But just in case someone is looking, this is a great deal.  And I think it has some "deals educational value" too!  Read on ...

I originally found this deal HERE, but think I have added some extra value ...

Here is the refrigerator from Sears.com:

As you can see, it's "on sale" (who knows what the real/normal full price is) for almost "half off" at $722.  The first discount you can easily get is the $50 off coupon code "EXTRA50" ... so now we're down to $672.

Now here's where having a Discover card comes in handy again (read more info HERE).  The Discover shopping portal ("Discover Deals" - again, only available to Discover cardholders) is currently paying 10% back for Sears.com, and that amount is doubled (to 20%) at then end of 12 months.  But as you can read about on Frequent Miler's blog (HERE), you can "double dip"** at Sears.  You first buy Sears.com gift cards (in the amount you need to spend) and earn the 20% Discover portal bonus.  Then go back through the portal again and pay with those gift cards, earning 20% again!!  Finally, department stores (including Sears) are Discover's "quarterly 5% bonus category" this quarter, so you earn another 10% (5% doubled) if you pay for the gift cards with Discover.

If you followed all of that, you see that you can potentially save another 50% off of the post-coupon $672 price.  I'll let you do the math.  If you didn't quite follow all of that, feel free to ask me.  Or if you don't have a Discover card YET (you should!!), you might want to ask a friend with a Discover card to see if he or she will order it for you!

Alternatively, if you don't have a Discover card, you could still use another shopping portal (look up Sears at CashBackMonitor.com).  But the best portal other than Discover is ShopAtHome at 6% or United Airlines at 6 United frequent flier miles per dollar.  You can still "double dip"** with those portals (using them to buy gift cards and then using the gift cards to buy the refrigerator).

**Note that I cannot guarantee that the "double dip" (as described in the Frequent Miler blog post) will work.  But I can tell you from personal experience (and lots of second-hand stories) that it has worked.

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