Monday, July 20, 2015

Why Amex credit cards are so great! (and some nice new Amex Offers)

Some nice new Amex Offers (deals available to Amex cardholders) became available overnight.  Read on for more details ...

One of these days, I'll get around to posting info about some of my favorite Amex credit cards.  As is always the case with the best credit cards, many Amex cards offer either good reasons to sign-up (bonuses for signing up) and/or benefits for having and using the cards.

But one of the best things about Amex cards is their Amex Offers program.  In fact, it's a great reason for why you may want to consider having as many Amex cards as reasonably possible.  And note that with Amex, authorized user cards (such as a second card for your spouse), have their own account numbers and separately qualify for their own Amex Offers.  In a nutshell, Amex Offers are "deals" that you load onto your Amex account (tied to a specific card) with terms such as "spend $X at [certain retailer or website] and get $Y back" (in the form of a statement credit).  Occasionally the offers are REALLY good.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I will link back to a previous post (HERE) I wrote on this topic.  Perhaps more importantly, HERE is a link to a great primer about all you need to know on the topic.

Here (below) are some Amex Offers that appeared overnight.  These are certainly not the best ones ever (not even close), but some of them may be useful to you.  So if you already have Amex cards, read the primer (above) and learn how to add them to your account(s).  If you don't already have any Amex cards, stay tuned for me to write about some of my favorites you might want to consider.

LINK to the most recent/new Amex Offers (including: Best Buy, Petco, Zappos, Chili's, Sweet Tomatoes, and more).

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