Thursday, July 30, 2015

BofA Travel Rewards Visa - great card for everyday spend (IF you qualify for "status")

Very nice of Shawn at Miles to Memories to allow me to write another guest post.  Read on for a link and some more info ...

HERE is a guest post that I just guest-wrote for another much better blog than mine. :)

As you will read, this is a great card to earn 2.625% back on everything you buy - IF you can qualify for BofA's "Platinum Honors" status in the Preferred Rewards program.  Basically, you need to have $100k in an account at BofA or MerrillEdge (which could be a rollover IRA).  IF that's doable for you, it's tough to beat 2.625% back on everyday/non-category spend.

If you're a newbie (like I was and arguable still am!), what I mean by "non-category spend" is that there are other credit cards where you can do better than 2.625% back in certain categories.  Such as earning 6% back on groceries, or 5% on gas, or 2x or 3x points/miles on restaurants.

Let me know if you have any questions, either here or at Miles to Memories (or via email).

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