Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two LG LED HDTV deals - 42" for potentially (with Discover) ~$200 or 55" for $450

More TV deals.  Makes me think we'll continue to see them between now and Christmas.  But just in case you're in the market (or want another example of why you might want to sign up for a Discover card ASAP), read on ...

HERE and HERE are two great TV deals that I found on

What you need to know, beyond what you'll read in those links, is that you can save an additional 20% (10% now and 10% after 12 months) on the 42" TV at and 10% (5% now and 5% later) on the 55" TV at  For more info on how you do that via using the Discover shopping portal (for Discover cardholders only), read HERE.  As you will see on, the Discover shopping portal is currently offering the best payout at both Dell and Walmart (especially after factoring in the double cashback promotion - not reflected on CashBackMonitor).

As noted in that post, you have just a few more days (through the end of the month) to sign up for a Discover card and take advantage of their VERY generous "double cashback" promotion (which includes doubling of shopping portal cashback - with the second/doubling portion coming at the end of 12 months).

Four other important points:

1) If you're planning to watch sports (or other "fast action") things on a TV, you always want to consider the refresh rate.  60 Hz is standard, but can lead to a "tail" effect (such as a "tail" moving across your screen on a fast moving football - such as on a kickoff).  120 Hz or 240 Hz is much better, but you also need to be aware that some TV's that say they are 120 Hz are really just 60 Hz TV's with some software trying to get it to perform like 120 Hz.  I suspect you'll still be happy with any new TV's like these, but just something to be aware of.  Don't trust me ... you might want to research the topic more for yourself (especially if this is going to be your primary home theater TV).

2) The way you get down to ~$200 or so on the 42" LG TV is by starting at their $370 price.  Then you get 20% cash back from the Discover shopping portal (taking it down to $300 or a bit less - albeit with half of the benefit not coming for 12 months).  Then you also get (at least as long as this deal is alive!) a $150 Dell promo eGift card, which you should be able to sell for ~$100 or so (net after fees) on eBay (let me know if you need help).  Thus taking you down to ~$200 or so.

3) If you don't already have a Discover card (you should CONSIDER doing it ASAP!) ... and you happen to be a friend of mine ... and you want to take advantage of that portion of this deal (since you probably won't be able to apply and get your Discover card quickly enough for THIS deal) ... let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.  :)

4) Another option to always consider is looking at (or for buying discounted Dell or Walmart (or whatever merchant you're shopping at) gift cards.  In this case, the discount isn't big at these merchants.  But it might be worth it to you (and is always a good thing to check).  NOTE that Discover technically says that it's portal is supposed to be for people using the Discover card to pay for items, but my personal experience (and many others) tells me that you USUALLY can pay with another form of payment (via the portal) and still get the cashback.  But it is a risk, so paying with the Discover might be the best way to go.

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