Monday, May 25, 2015

15% to 22% off of Chevron Gift Cards! Plus "how to get great offers from eBay"!!

Who doesn't like to save on gas?!  Read on ...

UPDATE:  This deal (for discounted Chevron gift cards) is DEAD.  But there's still some good info down below about eBay bucks - signing up for them and opting-in for special offers via email.

My friend Shawn at Miles to Memories covers this great deal HERE.

As you'll see in my comment below Shawn's blog post, a question to think about is whether you're better off getting 15% of 22% off at Chevron, versus buying gas more cheaply at a place like Costco (where you can get 3% or 4% off gas using the Costco personal or business Amex card) or Safeway.  Tough to beat 15-22%.

The difference between 15% or 22% is whether or not you have been "targeted" by (received an email from) eBay to give you 5x "eBay Bucks" (10%) or the standard (available to everyone) 1x eBay Bucks (2%).

If you haven't signed up for eBay Bucks, HERE is where you do so. You get 2% back on everything you buy at eBay, in the form of quarterly credits of "eBay Bucks" to your eBay account (so it is NOT an instant 2%, or 10%, discount).

Once you have signed up for eBay Bucks, be sure to sign up to receive "offers" from eBay (including an occasional emails telling you that you have 3x, 4x, and/or 5x eBay Bucks for a day or two).  You do that by:

a) logging into your eBay account
b) clicking on "my eBay" in the upper-right-hand corner
c) hover your mouse over "Account" (or click on it and then look for) and then choose "Communication Preferences"
d) the very last/bottom item is "Promotions and Surveys" - choose "show"
e) then choose whichever items you want (definitely "General email promotions" to get the increased eBay Bucks promo offers)
f) then choose "save"

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