Thursday, May 28, 2015

25%+ off on Anything at Staples! (Even Tablets & Computers!) ACT QUICK!

This requires a couple steps, but could be worth it!  Read on ...

Full disclosure, I found this deal on SlickDeals (HERE).  And, as always, Shawn from Miles to Memories (or in this case writing for Frequent Miler), has a good recap HERE.

As you can see in the screen-shot image (below), eBay (merchant: PayPal Digital Gifts) is selling $75 eGift cards for $60.  Limit of 3 (as you can also see in my image).  [Pro Tip:  I have had success buying 3 for myself and 3 for my spouse on similar deals in the pass, but WARNING some people have reported being "shut down" by eBay for buying the limit twice (from the same computer or home address - despite the use of separate accounts, by separate people, and the fact that their does not appear to be any limitation language of this sort on this deal).]

You can use these eGift cards online or in-store.

So this is obviously 20% off.  You can get an additional 4% 1% [see UPDATE below] off gift card purchases on eBay by going through (personal referral link) right now.  (Once you get to eBay via Ebates, then search for item #281705455850 in the main eBay search bar.)

Then you can use Ebates (or another shopping portal) to get an additional amount off when you use the gift cards to make your eventual purchase, if you buy online at  And, whether you buy in-store or online, you should also sign up for Staples Rewards - which is a free program that allows you to earn 2% to 5% back on everything you buy at Staples, in the form of Staples Rewards (as described HERE).  And, of course, you can do even better by buying items that are on-sale at Staples (for example - they often have iPads on sale) and/or by using a Staples coupon (although often times coupon codes you find online for Staples are pretty restrictive against being used for technology items).

[Pro tip:  You can also get 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which is 5%+ in value, buying these cards with a Chase Ink Business Credit card - as purchasing PayPal digital gifts via eBay & PayPal "codes" as a 5x category on this credit card.]

When eBay runs GOOD sales like this on gift cards, they can sometimes go quickly.  Or sometimes not.  So even if you don't jump on this right away, it COULD still be around in the next day or two.

UPDATE (5/29):  Unfortunately, Ebates is no longer paying 4% back on gift card purchases from eBay.  It is down to 1% for all eBay purchases via Ebates (the percentages change all the time - and you should use to always search for the best payback).  Even with the decrease from 4% to 1%, buying these gift cards can still be a great deal.  But also know that you can always buy gift cards at a discount.  GiftCardGranny is a website that lets you check multiple websites for the best discount on gift cards from any particular merchant (just be aware that some are eGift cards, where you get faster delivery but no physical card, whereas others are physical gift cards that you'll have to wait for via shipment).

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