Monday, May 4, 2015

eBay Bucks (up to 8% off at eBay!) - a Current (Targeted) Deal and Understanding the Program

I got a nice (but targeted) offer from eBay today.  Check your email to see if you might be targeted, and read on for more info ...

Here (image below) is the offer I received from eBay in my email Inbox this morning (good today and tomorrow only):

These type of deals tend to come around every few weeks.  Sometimes I have seen up to 5x Bucks offered.  But the spending thresholds to attain these extra Bucks seem fairly low.

So what is "eBay Bucks"??  You can read more about it and sign up for the program HERE.  But, in a nutshell, it is a way to earn 2% back at eBay on all your purchases there.  The key is that the payment comes in the form of "eBay Bucks" that you use to purchase future items at eBay, and they only pay them out:  a) once per quarter, and b) only when you earn at least $5 in eBay Bucks in that quarter (no carry-over).  So, at the normal 2% back rate, you must spend $250 in a quarter to generate $5 in eBay Bucks.

This deal is nice, because the 4x eBay Bucks effectively turns the earnings from 2% to 8%.  (Note: you should always also check CashBackMonitor, as described in my previous blog post HERE, to see if there is a decent additional shopping portal bonus for eBay.)  Even if you missed out on this targeted deal this time, I'd recommend at least signing up for eBay Bucks, so that you might be targeted next time.

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