Monday, May 11, 2015

DEAD DEAL: 48" Sony LCD 1080p TV for between $300-$350 (regularly $498)

Let me get right to the deal ... not sure how long it will be around ...

HERE are the details you need to know.

You can get down to $300, if you:

a) Value the Dell gift card at $150 (if you sell it online you should be able to get at least $125)

b) Use the Discover shopping portal (pays 10% back at right now).  If you are not a Discover card holder, the next best shopping portal right now is TopCashBack at 5%.

So even if you re-sell the Dell gift card for $125 and only use TopCashBack, you can still get the TV for $350 net.

It looks like a good TV, but I'd read the reviews and form your own opinion.  That said, I doubt this deal will last long (but you never know!).

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