Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Free Prints (up to 100 or so) at Shutterfly.com ($5.99 shipping) through 5/27/15 (midnight PT)

The headline kind of says it all.  But read on for more details ...

Nothing too exciting, but here is a little snipit of a "deal" I got via email:

Just go to Shutterfly.com, upload your photos, and order the prints.  At checkout, use the code "MEMORIALDAY" to get the prints for free.  (This ad says 101 limit, although I've seen 99 listed elsewhere.)  You will need to pay shipping of $5.99 (and maybe taxes).  But this compares favorably to other places you might get prints.  For example, I just checked Costco Photo and their price for a 4x6 is $0.17 (of course some people would rather pick them up at Costco, while others might prefer to have them shipped).

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