Saturday, May 23, 2015

Enough Free Spirit Airlines Miles for Almost a FREE flight or LOTS of Free Magazines!

This piggy-backs on a previous deal posted here 6 or 7 months ago.  If you took advantage of that deal back then, then this update is only "warm".  But if you didn't take advantage of it, then there's 2 components to the deal now that is nearly "hot"!! Read on for more details ...

The new deal is summarized very well by other bloggers HEREHERE and HERE.  You get 1500 Spirit Airlines miles with a little bit of effort (PG-13 warning on content).

The old deal I'm pretty sure is still alive (no way for me to verify since it tells me I have already done the deal), as previously posted on my blog HERE.  You get 8000 Spirit Airlines for very little effort.

If you are going to do both, I recommend doing the 8000 mile one first - just in case only one of them works.

Once you have 1500, 8000, or 9500 miles, you have a couple options (as discussed in my previous post).  With 9500 miles, you're just barely shy of the 10,000 you need for a free flight on Spirit.  You could get the extra 500 by doing surveys, but it is kind of a pain (not sure it's worth your time).  The MAJOR PAIN with Spirit (worth "hating" about) is that their miles expire every 3 months, unless you do something to generate miles (any amount - big or small) during the 3 months to keep them alive.

So 2 other options relative to Spirit miles (some of which is discussed in the other posts linked above):

A) You could sign up for the Spirit MasterCard, and then their points never expire (as long as you make one charge per month on the card - but you probably wouldn't want to use it more than 1 times per month, because it's not a great card unless you really like Spirit!).  Another benefit of the card is that it unlocks the option to get some flights for as low as 2500 miles!!! (but very limited and restricted, so be warned!)

B) Better option for many people will be to use the miles to get free (with miles) magazine or newspaper subscriptions.  They have a pretty good list, especially if you have 8000 or 9500 miles (and some decent options at 1500 or less).

Advanced moves:  Sign up everyone in your family.  Kids can have Spirit Airlines mileage accounts.  At 9500 miles per family member, you could be close to a free ticket for everyone in the family, or have LOTS of free magazine subscriptions. Also, as I always mention with magazine subscriptions, you can USUALLY (can't promise!) sign up for multiple subscriptions to the same magazine (under different names in the same household/address).  Then, when the multiple copies start coming at the same time, call the customer service and ask them to reduce it to one copy each time ... and ask them to add the extra copies onto the end of the subscription (doubling the length of the subscription - if it works!!).

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