Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DEAD DEAL: 42" Vizio Smart TV (120Hz) for $140 (or ~$158) [versus regular price of ~$400] Update: might be $22 more

Another great TV deal!  Read on, if 42-inches is big enough for you ...

I can't describe this deal (originally found at SlickDeals) any better than my friend Shawn.  So please read his description of the deal HERE.

If you have a Discover Card (and, thus, can access the Discover Deals shopping portal), you can get this TV for $140 after discounts (before sales tax, if you're unlucky enough to not be in Oregon!).  If not, you can use TopCashBack.com (shopping portal) and still get if for just under $160.  BEWARE: part of this deal is a $200 rebate, in the form of an AMEX gift card (accepted anywhere AMEX is accepted - which is most places ... but it is NOT a CASH rebate).

Also, some people occasionally say that Slickdeals rebates are problematic. This rebate is through Slickdeals, not Dell directly. I suspect you will be fine as long as you follow the terms of the rebate. But I just wanted to point out that there is some risk.

UPDATE:  I just got notice that the $22 off coupon code might be dead. So still a good deal, but not quite as hot. Worth trying to see if the code still works, but somebody I trust just told me it does not.

UPDATE #2:  Unfortunately it appears that they are sold out.

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