Wednesday, August 12, 2015

20% Groupon Local Deals (today & tomorrow), including some PDX examples (food & carpet cleaning!)

Groupon runs these "deals" all the time, but I figured I'd post a few ideas.  Read on ...

As you will see below, Groupon is offering 20% off their "local" deals today and tomorrow, using the coupon code "HAPPY20".  And the code can be used up to 3 times (per person/account).

They tend to run coupons like this every week or two, so there's no urgency here.  But I wanted to highlight a few potential Portland-area deals for you.  But you might want to take a look through the local deals yourself, and see if anything in particular looks good to you.

QUICK NOTE ON GROUPON (and similar) DEALS:  Be aware that the "promotional value" of the voucher you are buying is only good for a limited time.  I suggest setting a few calendar item reminders for yourself whenever you buy one of these, to remind you that you have them and need to use them.  That said, if you ever fail to use a deal by it's expiration date, it is important to note that the voucher is still worth FACE VALUE (what you paid for it) for a longer period of time (usually 5 years).  And if the business happens to go out-of-business, I've found that Groupon is good about refunding you what you paid.

On to some examples of using this 20%-off coupon**:

HERE is a service that we've used before.  $90 (only $72 after coupon!) for carpet cleaning for your entire house (up to 6000 square feet - sorry if that's not enough for your mansion!).

HERE is a sandwich shop inside Clackamas Town Center mall.  $6 (or $4.80 after coupon) for $12 worth of food (can be used for anything on their menu).

HERE is a pizza place in Wilsonville.  I've never been there, but the reviews on Yelp look decent (not great).  $20 (or $16 after coupon) for $35 worth of food (can be used for anything on menu).  [Note: beware that apparently their Tualatin location has closed down, despite it still being listed on their website.]

**Note: You can do even better than 20% off by visiting Groupon via a shopping portal (as I have previously written about HERE and HERE).  Looking at for Groupon, it looks like SimplyBestCoupons is paying 8% back, while a lot of others are paying 6%.  Discover is paying 5%, but that can be doubled to 10%, as I previously wrote about HERE and HERE.

If you've never used Groupon before (or maybe your spouse hasn't?), I wouldn't mind you using my referral link (just click HERE - or, better yet, right-click and open in a new private/incognito browser window) I would appreciate it.  I get $10 in Groupon credit if you're a new user and buy something. No worries at all if you don't use my referral link.

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