Monday, August 31, 2015

DEAD DEAL: Again! FREE Pizza! Must be Ready and Online RIGHT at NOON (PT) Today!

A FREE Domino's pizza.  A great deal I've taken advantage of a few times in the past.  Read on for more details ...

Update:  As usual, this expired very quickly.  Amazing how fast 20,000 free pizzas can get claimed.  Hope you got one (or two!).

This may look like a repeat of my post from a couple months ago, because it is!  But there's been another no-hitter in baseball, so Dominos is giving away more "free pizza" codes today.

HERE is the info you need:

FYI - I noticed last time that they gave away "free pizza" codes and then (after they ran out) some "half price pizza" codes.  The half price ones probably aren't that exciting, since it is half-off full menu prices.

I highly recommend signing up for a (free) account before noon (PT).  Then be online at least a few minutes before noon.  Make sure you are already logged into your account. Then visit to get your code.  My experience, last season, is that the website can crash or be buggy right around noon ... and the codes go FAST.  So I can't guarantee you'll get a code, but if you're online and ready to go before noon, you'll definitely increase your chances (and if you're later than 12:02, you will likely be out-of-luck, unless they're having technical difficulties).

Limit of one per person.  So if there's multiple people in your household, you might want to consider signing them up for a free account.  Note that the free pizza codes are only good for 5 days.

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