Saturday, August 8, 2015

Free (extra?) year of ESPN the Magazine and Insider subscription

In just a few minutes, you can get a free one-year subscription.  Read on ...

HERE is the deal.  I'm pretty sure I've posted this exact same deal in the past, but figured I might as well again.  I think it has worked for me and others.

As you will see, you just have to give them your contact info (no credit card info).  Then, on a second page, you have to fill out a brief survey about your favorite sport and team.  It is really quick and easy.

I don't see anything in the terms about this needing to be a new subscription.  If you sign-up, even though you are already receiving it at your house, just let them know (via a phone number listed in the magazine) if you start receiving a second version of the same magazine (maybe to a different name or slightly different spelling of a name).  In my experience, usually they will consolidate the subscriptions and add the length of the new subscription to the end of the existing one.

The great thing about ESPN the Magazine subscriptions is that you get free access to Insider as long as you are a print subscriber.

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