Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Macy's (website) "flash" sale (shoes, clothes, etc.) until 9pm (PT) - how to get ADDITIONAL 15-30% off sale-price items!

Macy's is having a sale on their website.  On one hand, what's new? (not much)  But this MIGHT be worth checking out.  Read on ...

You MIGHT want to go over to Macy's website and check out their "flash sale" that they are having until 9pm PT.  That said, we all know that Macy's is constantly having sales, so probably not a big deal if you miss this one.  That said, hopefully you'll find some of this info helpful ...

This "flash sale" has some interesting prices on some items.  (Including, for example, some shoes for Men/Women/Children for under $20, including "brands" such as Ralph Lauren.)  To help narrow down your search, I recommend using the filters on the left-hand side of the page.  For example, if you're looking for men's shoes, click on Mens >> Shoes >> then filter down to they style(s)/brand(s) you're looking for AND YOUR SIZE (to filter out specials they have on shoes where they don't have your size in-stock).

If you want to get another 30% off the posted sale prices, you can use the Discover shopping portal and Discover card (as I describe HERE).  Note that "department stores" (including websites) are Discover's special 5% category for their credit car this quarter.  So, in addition to getting 10% off via their shopping portal, you'll get another 5% back (and then the full 15% will get doubled at the end of the year).

If you don't have a Discover card (or a friend - like me!):  a) you should consider getting one (!!!), or b) here's another option ...

Always check CashBackMonitor.com for the best shopping portal to use at whatever website you intend to shop.  You will see that TODAY, the next best portal (other than Discover - which is only available to Discover cardholders) is Ebates.com [my referral link - you get a $10 gift card to Target or Walmart for signing up, if you are a new user!] paying 8% back.  In addition, you could buy an eGift card on a gift card reselling website (find the best one to use at GiftCardWiki.com) for Macy's.  Looks like the discount is usually 7-10%, but some of the eGift cards you buy (on some of the reseller websites) can take up to a day to be delivered (so you could miss out on using it for this "flash" sale).

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