Friday, August 14, 2015

Make a quick/easy $20 (or $60 if you're married!) via Upromise shopping portal (new members only)

Read on if you (and/or your spouse) don't have a Upromise account ...

My friend Shawn at Miles to Memories made a nice find today.  Read it HERE.

As you will see, you can make $20 by signing up for the Upromise shopping portal and buying anything (even, as Shawn points out, a small $1 item from eBay).  [And whoever refers you makes $20.]  Then, if you have a significant other,  you can refer them, and both of you can earn another easy $20.

If you're not familiar, Upromise is a shopping portal like many others (as I describe HERE).  They position themselves as a way for people to save for college, via depositing their shopping portal proceeds into a 529 college savings plan.  But you can request for them to just send you a check (in the same amount) anytime you have built up at least $10 in your Upromise account.

If you'd like me to refer you (again - you make $20 and so do I), shoot me an email (to pdxdealsguy AT gmail DOT com).  Or feel free to ask Shawn to refer you.

Then after you sign up, get your friends and family to sign up using your referral!  (each person can get paid for up to 10 referrals, or $200)

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