Tuesday, August 18, 2015

32-inch Samsung HDTV for potentially under $100! ($140 at most)

No this is not a re-post.  Yet another TV deal, this time on a relatively small one.  But solid Samsung brand.  Read on ...

Dell has this 32-inch Samsung HDTV on sale for $248, which is about the normal price you'd find elsewhere.  When you go to Dell, search for the TV's model number (UN32J5003AF).

But there's a few things/ways that make this deal even better:

a) Not sure how long this TV will last with this deal, but it currently comes with a $125 Dell ePromo Gift Card.  If you have use for buying something else soon at Dell (the card is good for 3 months), then that's great.  Otherwise, you should be able to sell it for at least $75 (net after fees) on either eBay or Raise.com (let me know if you need any help).

b) You can shop for the item by going through a shopping portal (as described HERE).  The best option (arguably) is the Discover portal (deal described HERE), for 10% (doubled to 20% after a year passes).  You could also shop via Ebates.com (my referral link - you get a $10 gift card for signing up if you're new to Ebates) today for 15% cashback (not sure if it will be available beyond today).  So 20% back would be nearly $50, and 15% back would be nearly $40.

Depending on what you get for "a" (above), this TV could be purchase for "net" price of under $100.  At the worst, you should be able to get $75 for the gift card and nearly $40 via Ebates (plus a $10 gift card if you're a newbie).  So, worst case, you should be able to get the TV for $140 at most.

You might want to check out the reviews on Amazon.

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