Wednesday, August 12, 2015

60-inch LG HDTV for potentially less than $400 (with Discover card)

This one is a bit bigger than the past few I've highlighted.  If interested, read on ...

Again, found the deal HERE on SlickDeals.

As you will read, the TV is $900, minus a $100 coupon for $800.  Then there is a $250 mail-in rebate (make sure you follow the rules and get it!), making it $550.

If you stopped there, it would be a pretty good deal.  But if you layer on using a shopping portal (as described HERE), you can do even better.  And, again, the king of the shopping portal (savings) is again Discover (as described HERE).  With Discover, you can get another 20% off (10% doubled) the pre-rebate price.  So 20% of $800 is $160 more in cash-back.  Thus, $550 minus $160 is less than $400!!

[Note:  As I have offered previously, if you happen to be a local/good friend of mine and don't have a Discover card ... a) you should consider getting one, as I describe in the link above ... but, b) let me know if you're interested in this deal and we can talk about how I can definitely help you to get it for less than $550.]

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