Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DEAD DEAL: Jamaican all-inclusive luxury resort for as low as $65/night (but there's a catch)!

This may or may not work.  But, worst case, you can cancel the reservation.  Read on for more details ...

UPDATE:  It is beginning to look like this might not work.  Maybe it will for you??  But I got an email that sounds an awful lot like a cancellation (or them not honoring the low rate).  I replied to them, but have not heard back yet.

This could be a "mistake" rate.  Which means your reservation could get cancelled (but hopefully they'll honor it!).  And this will likely disappear QUICK, since it is such a good deal.  But you can supposedly cancel your reservation, so there is PROBABLY no harm in making a reservation (or two!) and cancelling if you end up not wanting to use it.

HERE are the details.

As you will see, the BIG catch is that you have to book the room for ONE ADULT (not two).  Here's my plan:  book two separate reservations, one for each spouse.  Worst case (IF these reservations don't get cancelled) is that you pay 2x the price (still a great deal!) and get 2 rooms.  But I'd plan on calling the resort a little while before the trip and see if they will add a second adult to one of the rooms, and cancel the other room.

Note that some dates are already no longer available at this low rate.  So keep trying until you get to somewhere around a price of $65/night (including taxes - per room!).

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